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"Buffalo bark- ish (It’s more like a cough), but barking sounded better."

Have you had the honour to meet the ladies at Edmonton's Barking Buffalo Cafe and Salgado Fenwick yet? Take a peek at todays feature blog to read all about the ladies behind the local movement. 


Located on the historical and trendy 124th street in Edmonton, Alberta. Barking Buffalo Cafe has been in a prime location for the past two years, although it's roots go even longer. I had the chance for a behind the scenes tour and to visit with Kassie, Linda, Shauna and Sheh recently to chat with them about their start, their goals and what keeps them sane (spoiler alert, it's coffee!). Real hard hitting questions. 

Your Name: Shauna
Age: 26ish
Current Occupation:  Artist/Designer/Entrepreneur


How do you replenish and feed your source of creativity to stay inspired?
I love to spend my evenings snuggling with my fur kids, also known as, my cats Mo and Priscilla. Given the chance I will go anywhere tropical to spend a few days…months reading on a beach.
What is one thing you couldn’t live without? 
CATS…and Chocolate!! 

Your Name: Kassie
Age: I’m 29, forever.
Current Occupation: Entrepreneur


Education and/or Background:
After an extensive undergraduate degree in Political Science (many detours along the way), I finally graduated. Over the years I have become a certified yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, and been certified by my Mom as a successful lady boss.
Have you always been creative? AND/ OR What were you doing as a 10 year old? 
When I was 12 I swallowed a frog. I was very busy. 
What is one thing you couldn’t live without? 

Your Name:  Sheh
Age: 24 (actually)
Current Occupation:  Organizational Guru/ Official Barking Buffalo Coffee Whisperer.


What is your ideal way to spend a typical weeknight? 
Ideally, I would have my boyfriend cook for me, and make me a pot of coffee while I waited and watched Gilmore girls tucked in bed (I’m needy one). 
What is one thing you couldn’t live without? 
Coffee, bread and butter, and a doughnut.

Your Name: Linda
Age: 54 going on 84
Current Occupation: Goal setter


Favourite way to unwind and how you stay inspired:
I listen to Sean Savage, on repeat.
What is your ideal way to spend a typical weeknight?
Cooking food outside, and late night bike rides.
What is one thing you couldn’t live without?
A Cappuccino, and a nice long jacket.

Salgado Fenwick is two artists (Linda and Shauna) who love to create, draw and drink coffee.  We focus on Canadian animals for inspiration for our creations. We started long ago in a basement studio and were fuelled by a love affair with coffee. When the opportunity for a proper brick and mortar shop came about, a fusion café and clothing shop seemed only natural. And the Barking Buffalo was born!

How did you come up with the business names?

Salgado Fenwick is a combination of the artist’s names, there is a Salgado and a Fenwick! The Barking Buffalo was named after infamous bison, who once roamed the prairies of Alberta… and they bark- ish (It’s more like a cough), but barking sounded better.


How does your company help the community that it is located in?

Mostly, we keep them caffeinated.  But for reals, we participate and fundraise for the wildlife rehabilitation society of Edmonton run wild race. We have done a print to fundraise and bring awareness to the heritage streets and homes in Westmount. We participate year round in community events either by donation or by showing our pretty faces.


At what point did you know you wanted to be part of something creative and launch a business together?

You know how mom’s can be a little pushy? Yeah, that happened.  Linda and Shauna were family friends growing up and did their first fringe festival together ten years ago!


What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as a group?

Surprisingly, being all girls has never been an issue! Organization is always a struggle, we tend toward creative scatter brain, again this is where the coffee comes in. The Barking Buffalo, Captain Sheh keeps us on track!

If the four of you could go on a trip anywhere in the world, where would it be?  

Where wouldn’t we go!? New York… Toronto, say hello to Pilot Coffee Roasters, get a tan in Costa Rica while visit a coffee farm.. drink all of their coffee. Stop to shop in Europe, go on a safari in Africa, see the elephants roam. You know, all the things! Realistically we will take a trip... anywhere.


With all the beautiful and local designs, and Sheh's flawless latte patterns - yes, that is a swan with a heart coffee design - Barking Buffalo and Salgado Fenwick is definetly a stop you need to make on your next trip downtown!! A huge thank you to the ladies for inviting me into their space and letting me share a little more about them with the community!!

Barking Buffalo is hosting two Home Brewing classes later this month! You can get your tickets here

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