Sanita + Constantine | An Edmonton K-Days Midway Couples Session

Can you feel it? The cool breeze in the air?
Well, as the summer is coming to its end - I have some images from a cute couples session this summer at the K-Days Midway Grounds in Edmonton, Alberta to share! 

KDays Edmonton Engagement Session

How adorable are these two? Seriously. All the hearteyes for Sanita and Constantine :3

I was so excited and so happy to finally do a carnival session! Can't wait until next years! 
Also, just looking at these make me remember the warmth of the Alberta prairie summer sun again on my skin!

Model | Sanita Grechko (IG @sanitasu)
Model | Constantine Grechko (IG @constantinegrechko)
Location | K-Days (

Photographer and Author | Melissa Blunden of Honey Couture Photography

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