Lutfiya & Josh {Chickpea's and Naan}

This session! It is where I started to consider myself a professional lifestyle photographer.
The lovely Lutfiya contacted me last fall and asked if I was photographing lifestyle sessions now. I said yes, even though I had only photographed my sister and a couple friends up to this point. Oh, and mountains. Always the mountains.
So she then asked if I would be interested to photograph a session for her because: 

St. Albert Engagement Photographer

Okay, she might not have actually said that to me, but I am channeling my inner Lutfiya!
And I am sure she said it to someone, at some point in the past few months! 

 these two lovebirds though!! Heart. Eyes. 

these two lovebirds though!! Heart. Eyes. 

Lutfiya and I met in 2013 when I was working in an office
(AKA The Soul Destroying Place That Shall Not Be Named). 
Although my time there was relatively short, Lutfiya made a name for herself, eventually becoming a Team Leader before she left for different (better) prospects. 

My first real client, I've been asked many times why this session was dubbed Chickpea's and Naan. Well, at one point during the session, Josh turned to her and asked what she wanted for dinner.
While the two of them decided to plan out dinner (chickpeas and naan actually turned out to be the main contents of their fridge!!), I snapped away! Haha!!

~ The Chickpea's and Naan Conversation ~

I can't even believe that these two are getting married so soon!! Only 2 months away!
Now, let's drool over the rest of their engagement sess from December, shall we?

I am beyond excited to announce that I have now been asked to shoot their wedding!
It only makes sense for my first real engagement sess to become my first real wedding!
~ August 13th, 2016 ~
I know it is going to be an amazing and beautiful day, full of love, just like this couple. 
~ M xox

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