The Abandoned Alberta Project

So as you may or may not know, I have a passion for exploring abandoned buildings! Okay.. Maybe more of an obsession.. I spend on average 4 tanks of gas a month just in driving around Alberta and exploring old places for photography.

With the industry of Alberta, lot of homesteads are being torn down, or left in such a state of decay that they need to be demolished before someone gets hurt. I try to photograph them before that happens, believing every building has it's story. 

Enter the Abandoned Alberta Project

Abandoned Alberta

The premise is simple, bring these old derelict spaces back to life. Share their beauty, even in their decay. Blame it on my archaeology and building conservation background - but I know it goes further than that. I have always been interested since I was a little girl listening to my dad! 

So when fellow local photographer Jeff Wallace posted a photo of this amazing location, I jumped at hearing more about it! He was kind enough to share a few spots with me, which lead to this session with friend and model Heather Dee Sweet that I am simply obsessed with! 

A little grungy, a little dark... and just the right amount of sexy! Hope you loved them as much as I do! 

I can't wait to share the next instalment of my Abandoned Alberta Project! Keep your eyes on the blog for more xox

Model | Heather Dee Sweet (IG @cupcakemignon)
Location 1 | Melissa Blunden (IG @honeycouturephotography)
Location 2 | by Jeff Wallace (IG @wherezjeff)

Photographer and Author | Melissa Blunden of Honey Couture Photography

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