Into the Woods | Stylized Smoke Bombs

I'm always brainstorming creative new ideas for my sessions, and I am lucky enough to know many photographers that want to collaborate with me in my ventures!

Most recent of these was with local gal pal Megan Posein of Megan Posein Photography.
After a 45 minute drive, we did a 5 km hike into the woods to our desired location (in dresses, tights, boarding pants & heeled boots...), where we both took turns modelling for the other in front of some pretty fantastic scenery.

Neither of us had experience photographing smoke bombs before, so we were unsure what to expect! We decided on three colours (blue, purple and white)
and picked them up from Rocket Fireworks.
Pro tip? Smoke bombs get REALLY hot and spark, so keep your distance (unless you want holes in your clothing, stains on your forehead -this happened- and burnt hands!).
So glad Megan thought to bring a vase to hold them in. 
Below are some behind the scenes images of this stylized glamour/smoke bomb session!

And now onto the good stuff; a combination of images from our session:

Model: Megan Posein Photographer: Melissa Blunden Facebook | Instagram

Model: Melissa Blunden Photographer: Megan Posein Facebook | Instagram  

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