All Hallows Eve | Alberta Styled Shoot

Halloween is just my favourite! 
Growing up in rural Alberta, my mom would sew my sisters and mines costume to make sure they fit over our winter snowsuits (for real, this isn't a joke! It ALWAYS snows before Halloween!) and my dad would spend hours decorating the lawn and house for the neighbourhood kids (and us!) - complete with glow in the dark pumpkins and creepy crawly music.

I always smile when I think of this holiday and my childhood with my sisters and parents. 

Alberta Halloween Styled Photographer

I was super excited when Megan from Mali Makeup approached me to work on a creepy, undead photography concept. We worked together on my sisters celebration shoot (with her dog Pipa) but that was more of a natural makeup look, less of a beauty gore look! In just a few minutes we knew exactly what we wanted and all it took was a quick shoutout to Heather to ask if she was on board.

Fast forward 5 days, we were all together getting makeup done by Megan, including Megan herself!! She did such a phenomenal job. I grabbed up my undead beauties and brought them out to the middle of nowhere (after a McDonald's stop, of course!) and... Magic happened. Once on location, we let the concept take over and tell it's story naturally. A storm blew in mid shoot, with rain and strong winds and some very dynamic clouds! I hope you enjoy this story we tried to bring to (undead) life. 

I absolutely love how this turned out - different than my light and airy look I tend to use for my (not undead) brides! 

Halloween Edmonton Alberta

Let me know what you think of this session! And if you are a fellow creative or simply love being part of art and want to set up and book your own styled shoot, send me an email at
xx Melissa Ann

Undead Bride Model | Heather Dee Sweets
Makeup + Undead Model | Megan Ashley from Mali Makeup
Styling + Photographer + Author | 
Melissa Blunden of Honey Couture Photography

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